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Demography/ Discography :

"Return of the Wizards"
--(1992, Demo Tape, Self released, Chile)
"Rehearsal Tape 91-95"
--(1995, Self released, Chile)
"The Demoniac Defloration"
--(1996, Demo Tape, Arte Pagano, Chile)
"Steel Inferno"
--(1998, Tape, Arte Pagano)
"Mass Suicide/Steel Inferno" CD
--(2000, Arte Pagano, Chile)
"Extreme Speed Satan" CD
--(2003, Warhammer Records, USA)
"Mass Suicide/Steel Inferno + Studio Session" CD
--(2004, From Beyond, Holland)
"Hammer Of Darkness" CD
--(2005, From Beyond Productions, Holland)
"Southern Storm of Evil Compilation" LP
--(2006, Legion Of Death Records, France )
"Armageddon Cobra" CD
--(2009, Tyrannus, Chile)
"Extreme Speed Satan" CD Reissue
--(2009, CUM Records, USA)
"Steel Inferno" / "Mass Suicide" / "Reh.2008" CD
--(2010, EFTG, Chile)
"Hammer Of Darkness" / "Studio Session 2004" CD
--(2010, EFTG, Chile)

Blackened Thrash Metal.
Ammit was formed in Chile, by Count Czar Yang in 1991 as a solo project. In 1992 the demo tape “Return of the Wizards” was released, with 5 songs of pure darkness and evil! Ammit by that time, was playing a sort of atmospheric stuff mixed with a classical black thrash metal. The demo was released without intention of publicity for the band, such as appearing in any magazine or shooting tons of ugly photos of the band. Ammit until now doesn´t play live shows, give interviews to pro fanzines and there exist just a couple of photos of the band. The demo was criticized by an ignorant scene and incompetent zine editors. But that only gave more strenght to Count Czar Yang to carry on recording. In 1995 a series of rehearsals were compiled and edited, with a dirty sound closer to Hellhammer or early Sodom – raw and uncompromising. That demo also left everybody on the “scene” thinking that Ammit was a kind of bad joke. As a result Count Czar Yang continued insulting zines and bands. In 1996, Count Czar Yang joined with the maniacs who now make up the line up, recording “The demoniac defloration” demo tape, wich is raw Death Black Metal.In 1997 that demo was reissued under the extreme label Arte Pagano. In 1998 Count Czar Yang met some hard times. He was arrested at the Chicago airport by the immigration police, spending almost one whole day waiting to be expelled from the USA. Everything was ready to record again, and the “Steel Inferno” album cassette was recorded and released. This album consisted in 9 tracks of pure obscure Metal. In the year 2000, Ammit entered to the studio again to record the raw and infamous “Mass Suicide”. This album was distributed in the most deep underground, giving Ammit a cult status in many countries. In the year 2000 signed a contract with Warhammer Records and recorded “Extreme Speed Satan” CD, released in the year 2003 (9 songs) and showing pure hate and desecration, as Metal must be! In 2004 Ammit recorded again in the same old studio, this time 3 new songs where finished, showing their traditional dirty, raw and hatefull sound!. These tracks were combined with the “Steel Inferno” and “Mass Suicide” tracks and released as a one lengthy pro CD on From Beyond Productions. In the year 2004 Ammit recorded “Hammer of Darkness”, spitting forth twelve bestial blackened rough Thrash gems (including a fierce Accept cover!), In the year 2009 Ammit releases his last studio album, “Armageddon Cobra” wich includes a GG Allin cover. In this new recording Ammit approaches to a more organic and Punkish sound, but it is also very close to his very Black Thrash roots.

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